Thursday, November 15, 2007

OpenContacts.NET is released

OpenContacts.NET 1.0 Alpha is released. Hosted on

Project link: OpenContacts.NET 1.0 (


Please report bugs, feature requests on project page. Let me know if you what to participate.




Lord dK said...

Wow Great :D

svgovn said...

Your solution so great but i didn't find code for import contact from live !

Zdravko said...

Wow! Thanks man!! ;)

gnilly boy said...

I have code for Live but I have no time to integrate it to OpenContacts

Anyway can help me? ;)

RRave said...

Dear Sir,

I have a launched new web site for .NET programming resources. I would like to invite to the as author and supporter. I hope you will joins with us soon.

Thank You

Nithya said...

There was a change in gmail address book structure and their CSV export, seems you've might release a new version with a patch,

thanks for the master piece

roheet said...

Hi I am trying to use opencontacts ,can u please help me with it thanks

sathishmarappan said...

hi thanks, i want to use your application, how can i communicate with opencontacts.dll?, can you help me with example code?

softqube said...

ASP programming is purely server side technology, before sending to the browser ASP Dot NET code executes on the server. programmer

Naviya Nair said...

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